CASAA: French e-cigarette study, media misrepresent facts

An article published Monday in The Daily Mail announced “E-cigarettes are as dangerous as cigarettes and could cause cancer, claims study.” This article said a French consumer magazine, 60 Millions Consommateurs (60 Million Consumers), had branded the devices as ‘far from the benign gadgets they are sold as by manufacturers’. Quickly, news outlets from all over the world were reporting that “E-cigarettes might be carcinogenic” and “E-cigarettes as harmful as cigarettes.”

According to the 60 Millions Consommateurs, which is published by the National Consumers’ Institute (a government-funded organization somewhat much like Consumer Reports in the United States), their investigators examined 10 e-cigarettes. This “report” uses the French government announced in May this year to ban electronic cigarette use in public spaces, that has outraged French e-cigarette buyers and sellers.

Clive Bates, former head of ASHUK plus a tobacco harm reduction advocate, announced on his website that he had issued a complaint about the Daily Mail post to the Press Complaints Commission, following the news broke.

“There are many flaws within the Mail article, mainly shoddy health journalism and shortage of equilibrium or proportion, and life is so brief to go into them all,” Bates wrote in a post titled “Lazy, mindless, wrong – the Mail can’t stop it self.”

The web version of the post has since been re-named “E-cigarettes contain substances that produce some ‘as harmful as normal tobacco’.”

On Tuesday, another article was posted by the magazine with a few more details, which allowed experts to partially assess the findings. reported an interview with Drexel University Professor Igor Burstyn, who told them he is skeptical of the analysis. The post was titled “Rumor: E-cigarettes are as harmful as the real things,” and it concluded the rumor was “unconfirmed” and that “the bulk of investigation says they are much safer.”

Latest Target: E-Cigarettes

Blu Cig’s electrical smokes are already made to provide users a “fitter” means to acquire their day-to-day dose of nicotine without resorting to the traditional cancer stick. Now, they have started the long awaited Smart Pack that alerts you of other customers within 50-feet, maybe for many enlightening small-talk with no crinkle-inducing ashes. Additionally, it increases battery life and includes a “suitable cartomizer” that enables you to tweak the amount of nicotine and flavor according to how tough you are fiending. Later on, the firm expects to incorporate social-networking features so like minded e – relationships can be built by smokers out of the habits. But actually, what is more addictive — nicotine or FB? Read the PR following the split.

Disguise Press Release

The very first of its type, blu’s Smart Pack includes a bevy of technology-informed improvements to create the e-cig encounter much more interactive and gratifying — including a homing system attribute to find other blu customers near by, automatic re ordering as soon as your cartridge supply gets low, and longer-lasting battery life and taste.

Blu’s e-cigs have rapidly climbed in popularity, providing a hightech choice to smoke by mimicking its behaviour — without the odor, pitch, ashes, tobacco, or other compounds linked with conventional cigarettes. Now, blu’s Smart Pack more elevates the e-cig encounter with a special integrated ID technology that, when activated, immediately detects and notifies you whenever a fellow blu person or blu retail area is at 50foot range — making all kinds of new options for social interaction among like minded individuals. Other business-first attributes include:

*Battery management: Improved technologies and New boasts smarter battery management to increase battery life. Also features new ‘no screw’ attribute for further suitable battery replacement — simply lose it in and go!
*Handy cartomizer: Wise Packs comprise blu’s most recent invention, a one piece flavor cartridge and atomiser that enables you pick your nicotine potency and flavor in 1 easy action — providing unmatched consistency and flavor.
*Prompt stock: As soon as your supply runs low, according to parameters each user places in advance Automatic reordering will be eventually triggered by the blu Smart Pack.

Future improvements to the Wise Pack includes applications for seamless integration with personal profiles and social networking platforms, empowering users to point connection status, community with co-workers and friends, as well as identify places that enable using the merchandise.

Cigarette sales up at corner shops

The prohibition on cigarette sales in vending machines in England has led to a reasonable upsurge in tobacco sales at nearby shops and convenience stores, foods retailer magazine The Grocer has documented.

The brand new rules suggest that pub landlords can’t sell cigarettes out-of vending machines, nor show advertisements for cigarettes on other products are sold by vending machines which. Pub landlords can, however, promote cigarettes from behind the bar.

About the introduction to the prohibition in October, the Health secretary Andrew Lansley said “Cigarette vending machines are generally unsupervised, making it simple for kids to buy cigarettes from them.

“The prohibition on cigarette sales from vending machines will shield kids by making cigarettes less-accessible for them – we need to-do everything we can to support young people to not begin smoking within the very first place.”

Although now only legislation in England, it is believed that Wales and Scotland will follow suit in the close future.

Maker of e-cigarettes lights up a growing market

Steve Milin’s great awakening happened one workday day in September 2008. A lifelong chain-smoker whose parents died of smoking related causes, Mr. Milin checked out his trash-can and noticed the butts of four-packs of smokes. What
shook him was the mathematics: Purchasing five-packs per day plus treatment for smoking related problems was costing $ 30 to him, 000 annually.

Eight months later, Mr. Milin started Vapor4Life LLC, a Northbrookbased provider of “private vaporizer e-cigarettes.” The business is profitable, he adds.

E-cigarettes were devised by means of a pharmacist in China in 2003 for a tobacco free option to normal cigarettes. The apparatus consists of a rechargeable battery that is contained by a slim metal cartridge. Inside, a coil-warmed “cartomizer” turns FDA approved liquid into a vapor. Customers, or “vapers,” inhale the flavored vapors like they were smoking, although there isn’t any smoke, nor are there carcinogens. There’s nicotine within the juices, however, at levels specified by the customer.

The e-cig marketplace is extremely competitive.

He claims he bought and attempted 600 different items before creating his system, which, unlike the others, does not require taking bottles of juice or backup batteries. He uses exactly the same battery maker as Apple Inc. in China, where he spent 6 months updating his products this past year.

“As an anti-smoking activist, I’ve worked to prohibit smoking for 25 years, along with the difficulty is the core of 33 million daily smokers need help,” he claims. “E-cigarettes are a great replacement.”

Mr. Milin changed to full time vaping a few months after his “wastebasket instant.” His last two Kool cigarettes now are framed in his own office.

The Best Electronic Cigarette Results

So that is the finest electronic cigarette in the available on the marketplace. Well

there isn’t a victor I’m scared to convey, it actually is dependent in your special demands. The 2-piece design is likely the finest if your like nearly all people, who are searching for a suitable method to keep your smoke in public, or what to use it in order to assist you to stop smoke then.

If however you’re more into creating as much vapor as possible, and don’t thoughts fiddling around with atomizers and liquids the the Joye or Ego, customizable e-cigarette is likely the way to really go.

I’ve made a decision to examine the most famous e-cigarettes for those folks who merely need to charge and go. All of these are kits, and not just like the disposable e-cigarettes you see in gas stations (that are nothing compared). So which of the numerous brands can we promise as being the finest electronic cigarette so far in 2013?

And this graph is actually for people finding it challenging to get the brand to satisfy you, or the brand you could trust, when you know that there are plenty out there!

E-cigarettes banned or regulated?

There’s just one reason for e-cig bans, or regulations added to consumer protections, and that’s cash: authorities and businesses affecting decisions for their particular advantage, in ways harmful to public-health.
The mechanism for all these policy conclusions is:

A government orders the applicable section to prohibit or limit (‘regulate’) electronic cigarettes, as a way to safeguard smoke tax revenues and favoured businesses

A policy making committee alone votes to prohibit or limit (‘regulate’) electronic cigarettes, for the advantage of committee members compensated by competing businesses, or in certain cases to fulfill the idealogical objectives of members who consider they got the right to manage others’ private affairs even in the price of their lives

Because all such actions are directly opposite to the public interest because they’re certainly harmful to public health, they need to be defined as tainted.

A man who can’t accept the presence of corruption is completely naive and deluded. Sun is the greatest disinfectant, however, and rather than concealing the difficulty, it should be subjected to daylight. Corruption thrives within the dark; it’s really a problem within authorities; and it’s a critical driving force behind decision making in certain administrative environments without adequate charge of policy makers.

The UNITED KINGDOM government is famously poor within the constraint of corruption – there is not even a listing of registered lobbyists, or a recommended procedure of removing corrupt MPs or Lords. A government that can’t manage ‘lobbying’ is not a government, it’s a facilitating device for business gain in the cost of the people’s rights and well-being.
Additionally, the revolving door personnel exchange between a business and its particular authorities regulator isn’t managed – an immediate and clear course for corruption, making sure government departments are in danger of regulatory capture.

Ask why choices are made that shield a product which kills up-to 50% of people who continue to make use of it, preventing its replacement by items that do not kill enough folks to even enroll statistically, along with the solution will be: ‘politics’.

How to extend your e-cigarette’s battery life, part2?

They could be electronic, but electronic cigarettes are harder than your think. I’ve personally dropped my e-cigs more times than I could recall, and they’re still in working condition, . however, you should unquestionably be cautious to avoid serious impacts. Big hits can move the integrated switch out of place, inducing the battery to activate at random or not activate in any way. Another thing you have to be careful about when using automatic batteries is e-liquid leaking inside. Even a little drop can be sufficient to shortcircuit the unit, rendering it useless.

Unscrew the Cartomizer: Few e-cig users understand that even whenever you’re not actively vaping, whether the cartomizer is joined to the battery, it’s gradually draining it of juice. Disconnecting the cartomizer when you’re not using your device for a long amount of time expands the period between recharges, finally raising battery life.

Don’t Keep Batteries Empty: You’ve probably found most electronic cigarette companies ship batteries fully charged. That’s a habit you may need to duplicate yourself when storing batteries for lengthy periods of time. They should work a lot more difficult to refill their power cells, just like if you vape batteries dry, and storing them 50% complete or less will cause them all to drain a lot faster. Since I mentioned before, repeatedly draining batteries dry significantly reduces their lifetime. So make sure you charge the batteries to at least 70% before storing them.

Unplug Batteries After Charging: When the battery is fully charged as signaled from the green LED in your USB charger or wall adapter, it’s suggested that you unplug it to prevent overcharging, which can also overwork the device and decrease its lifespan. Leaving batteries to charge immediately might seem convenient but, it’s definitely not advisable.

Clean Your Batteries Regularly: When you get your e-cig batteries, they’re all gleaming and new, but eventually, the threads on its cartomizer-connecting end will get filled with dirt and muck. Small quantities of e-liquid can leak from the cartridge and even if it doesn’t actually go to the battery, it may still cause issues. Both miniature air holes below the threading might get plugged, making it harder to draw to the e-cig and eventually fully prevent it from function. To be able to hold the battery in working order, it’s recommended that you clean it generally with a cotton swab, Q-tip or alcohol pad, using a toothpick to clear the air holes.

Following all these tips will make sure your battery remains in perfect working condition for more. Most manufacturers maintain their units are good for around 300 charge and discharge cycles, after which you’ll need to replace them with new ones.